Vision and Objectives

The group distributed a residents and business questionnaire in October – November 2017. An overall Vision and Objectives has been derived from the results of the questionnaires. We will be consulting on this later in the year but at the moment the draft wording is:


Honeybourne’s natural environment and rural setting will have been maintained and where possible enhanced with improved access for the community’s enjoyment and appreciation of these assets.

New development will be sensitively integrated into the existing settlement and contribute positively to its immediate surroundings without detriment to the existing facilities, services and infrastructure in the parish.

Honeybourne will be a safe and welcoming place for everyone with excellent connections to village facilities and further afield by foot, bicycle, rail and bus making it an accessible and sustainable place to live, work and visit.


To protect and enhance the built environment through well designed buildings which reflect local architecture and building traditions whilst being tailored to the needs and context of their location within Honeybourne parish.

To conserve and enhance heritage assets and improve features which contribute to the local character and distinctiveness of the area.

To protect and enhance the local natural environment for the benefit of future generations including green and open spaces, wildlife corridors, public footpaths and bridleways.

To maintain and enhance connectivity throughout the parish and further afield on foot, bicycle, train and bus to reduce the reliance on the motorcar and reduce congestion.

To encourage and enhance a strong sense of community by maintaining, supporting and improving existing community and social facilities for a range of age groups.

To improve the communications infrastructure in the Parish to enable rural businesses and home workers to thrive and prosper.